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Javascript functions and callback support in the Viddler player

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

We’ve made a much needed update to our Viddler Player Javascript Framework page. Essentially this page describes a few of the ways you can control the Viddler players using JavaScript as well as the JavaScript callbacks that the player makes.

One of the more notable updates are getCurrentTime() which will return the timestamp for where the playhead is currently on the player. We’ve had many requests for this function to be added and we feel this is the first step in making it much easier to build complimentary applications to our player. (more updates like this one are coming)

The list of callbacks, once reserved for use only on, have now been opened up for public use. Now developers can listen for events such as tags and comments being added to the timeline as well as when the player is paused and played.

We’re planning some very big updates to our player in 2010 and this is just the beginning. Please take a moment to review the rest of the updates. Happy coding!