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Add Viddler to your Drupal powered site

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Drupal is a robust content management platform built to make it easy to power everything from a blog to a full community Web site. – And it just got a little bit easier to use your Viddler videos on your Drupal-powered Web sites.

The Viddler Drupal module, which we’ve just added to our Project Directory, makes it easy to record video with your Web cam, upload videos directly to Viddler, and use your video’s metadata throughout the site.

Thanks to the talented people at OmniTechPro for getting this project off the ground. The module is open source, so feel free to use it and make it better!

A Viddler mambot for Joomla!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

A mambot is “a small, task-oriented function for Joomla! software”.  Viddler Antonio Edward (friend: labanex) has released a Viddler mambot that makes it easy to embed Viddler videos, using both the normal and simple player, on your Joomla! powered Web sites.

As it stands you have to do some digging into the HTML embed code to get the values you need to make this plugin work, but perhaps someone with some Joomla! experience can help Antonio out by using oEmbed to make this process even easier?

It is a great first step for Joomla! users.  Thanks Antonio! launches using WPViddler!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Sinch (friend: sinch), a rock band from Pennsylvania, recently launched and they are using WPViddler, the WordPress theme we linked to this morning.  That was fast!

Using WPViddler, they were able to get their new site up and running with video really quickly, and the site looks fantastic to boot!

We’re looking forward to more themes for WordPress, and other content management systems, that utilize Viddler’s built-in features.  Congratulations to Sinch for what they’ve done so far.

Need a quick theme to get up and running with Viddler quickly?  Try WPViddler.  If you have your own theme, try out our WordPress plugin.

WPViddler: A Viddler WordPress theme

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

This is pretty neat. Viddler templamatic has put together a WordPress theme for Viddlers, on his site where he sells themes, utilizing our WordPress plugin and ViddlerRSS (a quick and dirty plugin that aggregates any Viddler RSS feed into a WordPress sidebar).

WPViddler was released via our Forums a few days ago and is already getting some positive feedback.  The theme is free for all registered users to Templamatic.

I’m hoping to see more of this type of development as we’d love to make it quick and easy for bloggers to get started using their Viddler accounts on their sites.

Update April 16, 2008:  There seemed to be a Safari bug in the code for this template.  An update has been issued as well as instructions for updating your theme if you downloaded and installed it already.